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How to "Clean Green" in Ottawa

NaturaClean Services Inc defines "green cleaning" as janitorial services that consider and protect the health of a location's residents without harming the environment. Green cleaning products and techniques avoid or entirely eliminate the use of chemically toxic products that can have adverse effects on individuals and the surroundings.

Why choose green cleaning?

Scientific studies have shown that chemical cleaning products can be harmful to the health of people and animals. Allergic reactions, eye and skin irritations and respiratory problems are frequently attributed to toxic cleaning products. In addition to negatively affecting the health of employees, business productivity may also decrease over the long term when employees are consistently exposed to harsh chemical cleaning products. Opting for "green cleaning" has several advantages that prove to be less costly when compared to reduced efficiency in the workplace or increased medical expenses. In addition, green cleaning may also help to reduce energy costs.

The NaturaClean Services Inc Green Cleaning commitment provides the properties of Ottawa with:

  • Certified non-toxic cleaning products
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • EPA recognized disinfectant
  • Non-ammonia glass and multi-purpose cleaners
  • Non-alkaline detergents
  • Advanced energy saving cleaning equipment
  • Environmentally conscious and knowledgeable staff

Proud to provide green cleaning services to homes and businesses in the Ottawa region, NaturaClean Services Inc proudly uses highly effective green cleaning methods that completely sanitize offices safely and naturally. Contact us at (613) 695-9333 for further information and a free estimate.

Benefits of Commercial Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is becoming the new standard way of cleaning. For businesses, it's a way to build on their competitive advantage. More and more companies are opting for eco-friendly cleaning products to boost their credibility as an environmentally conscious company. There are many advantages for businesses that emerge from going green.

Improves positive corporate reputation

Every company needs one thing, and that's a positive reputation. When they achieve this, the by-product is a noticeable increase in their customer base and return on investment. Over the last few decades, there has been a shift in how consumers perceive companies. The eco-friendlier they are, the more likable they are. You can help maintain your positive image by going green with your cleaning services.

Adheres to health & safety standards

Green cleaning products are highly sought after because they're made with natural ingredients. Depending on the brand, they employ far fewer harmful chemicals than standard cleaning solutions. Here at NaturaClean Services Inc, we only use certified green products, which undergo vigorous testing to ensure there are no traces of hazardous ingredients. Your company will benefit from using these products in many ways, primarily the health of the building occupants. Employees and visitors won't be exposed to dangerous and harsh chemicals, putting your business in line with health and safety standards.

Enhances the air quality

When we're in an enclosed environment that contains harmful compounds in the air, our health suffers. We breathe in polluted air, which harms our respiratory tract and can cause allergic episodes, headaches, and skin irritation. Green cleaning products made with nearly 100 percent natural ingredients don’t negatively impact the air quality and make for a much healthier breathing environment.

Protects occupants’ long-term health

One of the more important priorities of a business owner should be the health and safety of its occupants. This can be done relatively simply, and that's by using green cleaning products as part of their cleaning schedule. Building occupants are exposed to surface areas that are regularly cleaned and sanitized. If the cleaning solutions are highly hazardous, long-term exposure can cause adverse health effects. Switching over to green cleaning products is the most effective way to create a healthier environment for all occupants.

Reduces carbon footprints

Did you know that non-biodegradable chemicals can’t be dissolved or decomposed by natural elements? When we consider the endless number of businesses that use standard cleaning solutions for all their cleaning needs, it's no wonder why the environment and planet are struggling with chemical pollution. Using green cleaning and eco-friendly solutions is an effective way to combat your carbon footprint. Here at NaturaClean Services Inc, we understand the importance of doing our part, so we decided to extend our passion for the environment by offering a commercial green cleaning service.

Green cleaning is not a niche industry anymore—it's a growing field due to the ever-increasing demand from consumers and citizens. You can become a part of the now and participate in a greener tomorrow by investing in green cleaning from NaturaClean Services Inc. We welcome you to contact our office at (613) 695-9333.

Green Cleaning Tip: Borax- free liquid laundry soap

  • 7 litres hot water
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup liquid castile soap
  • 1/3 cup coarse salt
  • Dissolve dry ingredients in hot water. Add soap and stir.
  • Use ½ cup per load

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