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Office Cleaning in Ottawa

If you are looking for an office cleaning company with a spotless track record and a dedicated team of members, look no further than NaturaClean Services Inc. We are licensed, we are bonded, we are insured, and we’re eager to help you. Call us at (613) 695-9333 today.


Any Professional Workspace Demands Dedicated Office Cleaners

If your workspace hasn’t had a visit from a cleaning company in a little while, you’re probably starting to notice a few things. For one, those wastebaskets are piling up with crumpled paper. Then there’s the dust on computer monitors, shelves, and other surfaces.

An untidy office isn’t just detrimental to appearances. Look around your office, and you’ll notice that your employees are more distracted by the mess that surrounds them. They’re in sour moods, and they’re constantly preoccupied with other people’s messes.

Thankfully, help is only a phone call away. To learn about what we can do for you, call us today.

The Full-Service Cleaning Company Your Office Needs

When we’re in the service of your company, you won’t have to waste time micro-managing us or reminding us how you think things should be cleaned. With our years of experience, we’ve learned the best approaches to cleaning an office, and we know better than anyone how to conduct ourselves professionally.

More Than Just Office Cleaners: We Are Invested in Your Success!

Don’t think of us as faceless cleaners—think of us as your colleagues!

We take pride in what we do. When we are looking after your office, we treat it like our own. There’s no room for carelessness in our ranks, rest assured.

Fully Vetted and Highly Skilled Office Cleaners

We know your standards are high. That’s why we set ours even higher.

While other companies might hire anybody, we make sure we only hire the best.

Our Office Cleaning Services Ensure Your Office Always Makes a Great First Impression

First impressions matter, especially in the world of business. Would you want your colleagues or potential clients and investors to walk into an untidy and disorderly office space? Our guess is no.

Your office will never fail to make a good impression when we clean your office regularly.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Commercial Cleaning Services

Some companies spring for the most intense and aggressive cleaning products, but not us. A lot of those products are loaded with chemicals that may linger in your office or damage painted services. Here, we only use the best eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products on the market.

We Let You Set the Schedule for Your Janitorial Services

Would you rather us clean your office on the weekends? What about weekday evenings? Just let us know!

Call Us Today to Book an Office Cleaning Consultation

Whether you’re looking for a company who can clean your office on a nightly or weekly basis, we are the team you can count on. To book our services, call us at (613) 695-9333 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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